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Multi-Ride Cards


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We offer discounted and reusable cards that can be purchased at any terminal. Choose from the 10-ride high-speed ferry books, the 10-ride Ferry Pass or the 5-ride Lifeline Card and enjoy the following benefits:

  • discounted fares for passenger travel on ferry service to/from Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket
  • reload your card at any Steamship Authority Ticket Office and online
  • link your Ferry Pass or Lifeline Card to your Steamship Authority Profile Account
  • scan your card at the docks for fast and easy boarding

Nantucket 10-Ride High-Speed Ferry Ticket Books

Our 10-Ride ticket books for our high-speed ferry, the M/V Iyanough, are available for purchase at the Hyannis and Nantucket Ticket Offices and online. These ticket books are transferable, and multiple tickets from the same ticket book may be used for travel for different passengers on the same trip.


10-Ride Ferry Pass Cards

Ferry Pass

The 10-Ride Ferry Pass cards for Adults, Children (ages 5-12), Students and Senior Citizens are available for purchase at all terminals and can be reloaded at one of the Authority’s ticket offices or online. The Ferry Pass Cards, which are valid for travel on our traditional ferry service, offers the convenience of carrying one card for multiple passengers and includes the $0.50 embarkation fee added to each trip, or $5.00 for each card purchased or for a minimum reload. The tickets loaded on a Martha's Vineyard Ferry Pass Card are valid for passage within one year from the end of the month in which they are purchased. Tickets loaded on a Nantucket Ferry Pass Card never expire.

√ Multiples of 10 one-way tickets may be loaded on to each card
√ Can be used by multiple passengers on the same trip for travel on our traditional ferries
√ Includes town embarkation fees

10-Ride Ferry Pass Fares:

  Martha's Vineyard       Nantucket 
Adult 10-Ride  $86.00  $171.00
Child (ages 5-12) 10-Ride  $52.50  $105.00
* Senior Citizen 10-Ride  $52.50  $105.00
* Student 10-Ride  $52.50  $105.00

5-Ride Lifeline Cards

lifeline card

Lifeline Cards for Adults, Children (ages 5-12), Students, Senior Citizens and Individuals with Disabilities (also known as Access cards) are available for purchase at the Woods Hole, Vineyard Haven and Oak Bluffs Ticket Offices. Lifeline Cards can be loaded with multiples of 5 one-way tickets for passenger travel on board our traditional ferries to Martha's Vineyard. These cards are non-transferable and the tickets loaded on a Lifeline Card are valid for passage within two years from the end of the month in which the tickets are purchased. Visit for more information.

√ Multiples of 5 one-way tickets may be loaded on to each card
√ Cards are non-transferable and can be used by one person per trip
√ Exempt from town embarkation fees

5-Ride Lifeline Card Fares:

Traditional Ferry Card Fares Martha's Vineyard       Nantucket 
Adult 5-Ride  $40.50  $83.00
Child (ages 5-12) 5-Ride  $23.75  $50.00
* Senior Citizen 5-Ride  $23.75  $50.00
* Student 5-Ride  $23.75  $50.00
* Adult Access - Individuals w/ Disabilities 5-Ride  $23.75  $50.00
* 46-Ride Commuter  $174.00  N/A


Helpful Tip: in the event you lose your card, we encourage you to take note of your card code and card number, which is located on the back of your card, or you can take a picture of the back of your card with your mobile phone for quick and easy access.The SSA is not responsible for any lost cards.

 * Multi-Ride Card Restrictions

Senior cards are sold only to those individuals who are 65 years of age and are year-round or seasonal residents of Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket, or year-round residents of Barnstable or Falmouth, and present appropriate identification or a Senior Discount Travel Card. 

Cards are sold only to eligible individuals with disabilities who have a Steamship Authority Transportation Access Pass.

Student cards are sold only to individuals who are residents of Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket and are full-time students at an off-island school.

For more information and to apply for a Senior Discount Travel Card, a Transportation Access Pass or a Student Lifeline Card, please contact the Group Sales office at or call 508-548-5011 ext. 244 or 344.

Tickets in our 46-ride Commuter Lifeline Cards are valid for passage only during the calendar month for which the card is sold and are non-transferable.