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Martha's Vineyard

Welcome to Our Special Page for Martha’s Vineyard Residents

Posted: July 20, 2020

Note: For helpful updates on our response to COVID-19, including the most recent changes to our operations, please visit

Free COVID-19 testing is available on Martha's Vineyard without the need for a doctor's referral. Please visit for details. 





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Vineyard Resident Information Session


Vineyard resident chat transcript

Vineyard resident presentation

Here you’ll find important information plus a variety of programs and offers we’ve developed especially for you.

Click here for Ways to Save for Martha’s Vineyard Residents

  • Automobile Excursion Fares
  • Motorcycle Excursion Fares
  • Extended Auto Excursion Fare Programs for College Students and Military Personnel
  • Discounted Fares
  • Ticket Books/Multi-ride Cards
  • Student Groups

OB Friends

Special Programs/Policies for Martha’s Vineyard Residents

  • Transportation Access Pass
  • Rental cars are available at the Palmer Avenue Parking Lot
  • Accessibility
  • Reservation Programs
    • Martha’s Vineyard Reservation Only Periods
    • Headstart: Allows Martha’s Vineyard residents to make up to five (5) reservations prior to the opening of reservations to the general public. This program takes place each year in early January.
    • Preferred Space
  • Wait List
  • Vehicle Standby
  • Blue Line: Allows a minimum of fifteen cars to be placed in a standby line on Reservation Only Days at the Woods Hole and Vineyard Haven terminals. This program is available to customers eligible for the auto excursion fares or the preferred spaces.Vehicles used for commercial purposes are not eligible for the Blue Line. The availability of the Blue Line may be suspended or halted at any time during the day, at the discretion of the agent on duty due to trip cancellations or other unforeseen circumstances. The minimum number of cars may also increase at the discretion of the agent on duty.
  • Parking Permits
  • Medical Travel

Click here to download tips for getting help booking travel for off-island medical appointments.