Freight Customers

The Steamship Authority offers frequent daily sailings for those transporting vehicles of all sizes. If you are planning to travel on one of our ferries with a truck or commercial vehicle 20 feet or more in overall length, your reservation needs to be booked by our reservation office. Whether you are a camper traveling with your recreational vehicle, a business making a one-time delivery or a company undertaking a project that needs a series of reservations, our experienced staff is always eager to assist you.

RENTAL TRUCKS: Rental companies give dimensions of the truck bed, please ask your rental agent for bumper to bumper length. Reservations will not be honored for vehicles who show up larger than reserved.

Booking for private/passenger vehicles longer than 20’

This includes, but not limited to Campers, Rental Trucks, Moving Trucks, Pick-up Trucks, etc. Please contact the Reservation Office at (508) 477-8600 daily, 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Booking for companies/commercial vehicles:

This includes but not limited to commercial trucks over 20’, Hazardous placarded trucks, Large equipment, oversized shipping.

You can download and fill out, our truck booking form and information from our downloadable forms and send the completed forms to or you can call one of our truck coordinators at (508) 548-5011 ext. 169 or 228, Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. Please be sure to have the below information when calling in.

Booking a truck

In order to book you, or look up space the following is required, please be prepared to provide:
  • Commodity – what you will be transporting/hauling (rugs, stone, gas, etc.)
  • Length – bumper to bumper. the total overall length that will be on the boat, including moffett.
  • Height – floor to top clearance. this will factor which boat we can put you on.
  • Width – edge to edge. the total overall width that will be on the boat.
Additional information we need to know: Is your truck …
  • A Low Boy?
  • A rental truck?
  • Placarded as hazardous?
Some helpful information to provide us include:
  • Maximum height: 13’6”
  • Maximum width: 11’6”
  • Vehicles that are wider than 8’6” will be charged double the applicable fare.
  • Maximum Length: 74’ (call the Trucks Dept. for trucks longer than 74’)

For Nantucket freight customers only: we offer a drive-on/drive-off service for unattended trucks for our frequent shippers who are on our Driver Service List. To get on the Driver Services List, A driver’s service agreement must be completed, submitted and approved. To obtain the required paperwork please contact, Heather Rose in our Accounting Department at (508) 548-5011, ext. 207 or you can email at

Trucks Department

HOURS: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday - Friday
PHONE: (508) 548-5011 ext.169 and 228 FAX: (508) 477-8716
MAILING ADDRESS: Attn: Trucks Dept.
509 Falmouth Road
Suite 1C
Mashpee, MA 02539