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Current Promotion

Current Promotion

2020 Preseason Sale on SSA High-speed Ferry Electronic Ticket Books

Pay $44 per round trip


We are pleased to once again offer a 20% discount on our 10-ride High-speed Ferry Electronic Ticket Books.  Customers can save 20% off the regular price and may purchase these ticket books for a limited time. That means you'll pay just $44 per round-trip when you buy a 10-ride high-speed ferry book during this pre-season sale, which begins Monday, March 23, and ends Sunday, April 5. These ticket books will be available for purchase online at  or by calling (508) 477-8600. Due to COVID-19 precautions, we ask that our customers do not go to our ticket offices to purchase these ebooks.


Helpful tip: If you plan to purchase a 10-ride eBook online, you will need to log in to your SSA profile account. If you do not have an SSA profile account, our website will guide you to create a new profile account.


The prices for the 10-ride passenger ticket books on the high-speed ferry are as follows:

- Adult discounted rate is $220.00 (regular price is $275.00)

- Seniors (eligibility restrictions apply) discounted rate is $148.00 (regular price is $185.00)

- Children (age 5-12) discounted rate is $136.00 (regular price is $170.00).


Senior 10-ride books are sold only to those individuals who are eligible for a senior citizen fare (please refer to our Customer Policy Handbook, Part B, Section 2.2.1) and present appropriate identification or a Senior Discount Travel Card. To apply for a Senior Discount Travel Card, please contact the Group Sales office at or call 508-548-5011 ext. 244 or 344. For further information regarding the restrictions on the Senior 10-ride books, please refer to our Customer Policy Handbook, Part B, Section 4.2.5).

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