Woods Hole Terminal Reconstruction Project

Posted: January 26, 2023

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Week ending January 27, 2023 


THIS WEEK, Lawrence-Lynch Corp. completed the installation of the stormwater drainage in the Phase 5D work site. The weather this past week has slowed the work progress.


NEXT WEEK, Lawrence-Lynch will start bringing in fill material to raise the worksite elevation. The elevation will be raised to elevation +9 feet, tapering to elevation +6 feet at the back of the worksite.

Week ending January 20, 2023

THIS WEEK, Lawrence-Lynch Corp. completed the demolition in the current work site and started the installation of the stormwater structures.

NEXT WEEK, Lawrence-Lynch will continue with the installation of the new stormwater system.

Week ending January 13, 2023

THIS WEEK, Lawrence-Lynch Corp. set up the work site in Phase 5D, which consists of most of the vehicle staging lanes. They milled all the asphalt in the work area and started demolition of the old sewer pump out tanks and piping.

NEXT WEEK, Lawrence-Lynch will continue with the demolition of the old sewer pump out system and start installing the new stormwater system.

Week ending January 6, 2023

THIS WEEK, Lawrence-Lynch Corp. finished raising the grade of the Phase 5C work site. They were scheduled to pave the work site with the asphalt binder course on Friday.

NEXT WEEK, Lawrence-Lynch will set up the Phase 5D work site that encompasses most of the staging lanes. They will remove the old sewer pump-out underground tanks and start removing the asphalt in the staging area. It is expected that this phase of work will last four to five weeks.

Phase 5 landside work 

The scope of work for this phase focus on preparing the site for the building construction. The electricians will set up a temporary switchgear building in the employee lot so power can be moved from the freight shed. Lawrence Lynch will be raising the base elevation approximately 5 feet to satisfy the flood plain requirements, and they will be installing new stormwater piping for the back side of the property. This piping will connect with the stormwater piping that was installed as part of the marine contract. Raising the site elevation is complicated logistically because the site must stay in operation during the construction. We plan to complete the elevation work by moving the construction work zone six different times. This will allow vehicle access to at least two vessel slips at all time and continue to have staging available at the site.


Click here to download maps of the six subphases of the project (updated 1/13/2023).

Click here for videos of the Schematic Design and Design Development public engagement sessions.

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