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Nationwide transport, BBB A+, Guaranteed pick up date, on time delivery

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Come visit and learn all about Martha's Vineyard alpacas.

American Auto Transporters

Nationwide transport, BBB A+, Guaranteed pick up date, on time delivery

Woods Hole Ferry Terminal Reconstruction Project

Posted: February 22, 2019


To report concerns about construction or environmental issues concerning the Woods Hole Terminal Reconstruction Project. Please call 508-289-4419 to be connected with either Bill Cloutier or another Authority staff member, should you have a concern that needs immediate attention. As always, you can also email Bill at during work hours or call his office line 508-548-5011, ext. 429.

February 15, 2019 Update

Jay Cashman Inc. completed the remedial work on the monopiles #1, 2 and 7 this week. We were able to drive them to the toe elevation (the “toe” in question being the lowermost p of the monopile) required by the engineers. Monopile #8 is the only pile requiring additional remediation, and we are waiting on the engineers for a solution. You will be happy to know that we are finished for this season with the large vibratory hammer and the large diesel hammer. Cashman was also able to realign the bulkhead elevation. They de-tensioned the tie rods and replaced all the bolts attaching the west bulkhead wall to the whale. Lawrence Lynch Corp. supported Cashman with fill materials to backfill the exposed tie rods behind the bulkhead. New Hampshire Drilling was on site to do exploratory borings in the vicinity of the old Slip No. 3 so that the engineers can design a replacement wall for the sheetpile bulkhead originally specified in that vicinity.

Next week, Cashman will be working on cutting the top of the monopiles to their design elevation. They will cap the top 4 feet of each pile with concrete and weld a standoff frame to the monopile that will hold the dolphin fender. The landside crew will be setting falsework up for the 18-inch piles to support the transfer bridge. We will be driving a total of 15 piles to support the bridge; some will be landside and others will be in the water.

Separately, Robert B. Our Co. mobilized on site to start installing the new sewer pump out system for the ferries. This new system will discharge the sewage directly to the town’s forced main sewage pipeline that crosses our property. We will no longer be discharging this sewage to the sewage manhole in the gravity pipeline at the corner of Luscombe and Railroad avenues. Most of the equipment will be installed underground in concrete vaults in the employee parking lot. Henniker Directional Drilling is on site to drill the pipelines under Cowdry Road and the vehicle staging area.

October 16, 2018 Presentation

To view recent images of the Woods Hole Terminal Reconstruction project, please click on the links below. These images were presented at the Steamship's recent board meeting on October 16, 2018.



October 9 & 10, 2018 Presentation to Public

The link below provide an update on the preliminary design of the new terminal building that will be located at the site. Architecture firm (formerly Bertaux + Iwerks) and SSA Managers presented this update to the public in Falmouth and in Vineyard Haven.

Public Presentation October 2018

September 14, 2018 update on new terminal design:

The links below provide an update on the preliminary design of the new terminal building that will be located at the site. Architecture firm (formerly Bertaux + Iwerks) made presentations in August 2018 to the Port Council and Authority Board on the latest version of the terminal design.

Temporary Passenger Platform Canopy
Site Plan
Building Plans
Elevations 1
Elevations 2
Seasonal Shading at Plaza
Design Development
Circulation Plan - Entering
Circulation Plan - Exiting

Related documents

Chapter 91 license

Chapter 91 license - recommended final decision

Falmouth Conservation Commission Order of Conditions

ENF Certificate

Environmental Notification Form (WARNING: large file)

2014 Feasbility Study 

Phases 2 through 4 (Waterside Work) of the Terminal Reconstruction Project

At a special Board meeting on December 5, 2017, the SSA’s Board awarded the marine construction contract for the waterside work that will be completed in Phases 2 through 4 of the project to Jay Cashman, Inc., of Quincy, Massachusetts, for the Total Contract Price of $43,143,280.  As a result, we have now begun Phase 2 of our multi-year, phased construction project that will result in the complete reconstruction of our Woods Hole ferry terminal over the next six years.

The overall project entails the phased demolition of all of the existing waterfront structures that include the current three ferry slips and supporting utilities to be replaced with three new ferry slips, two passenger loading piers, and comprehensive utility and stormwater management improvements. Following the waterside construction, landside improvements include site re-grading, a new ferry terminal building and equipment storage building, bus berths and overall reconstruction of site utilities and vehicle accommodations.

Because we want to minimize the potential impact of the project’s construction activities on our own operations and adjacent property owners and local businesses, most of the onsite work will be accomplished in phases during “off-seasons” that will run from early September through mid-May each year.  Only one slip will be reconstructed at a time to ensure that we will always have two slips available to maintain our regular ferry service.  During each summer season, we will also have the third slip available so that we can berth three vessels at the terminal.  All construction activity at the terminal site will effectively cease during each summer season except for limited activity that does not have a material impact on either our operations or the Woods Hole community.

The first slip that will be reconstructed is Slip 3, which is the slip closest to the village and next to the Naushon Trust dock.  During Phase 2 of the project, it will be repositioned southwest so that its transfer bridge is located pretty much where the northwest side of the current ticket office is.  To accomplish this, we first need to reroute the power service for the slip, which comes out of the existing ticket office, and then demolish the existing ticket office and excavate the western portion of the wharf.  We will also remove the existing passenger loading/unloading systems on the wharf to the area between existing Slips 1 and 2, where we will construct a temporary passenger loading/unloading system next spring.

After the existing terminal building is demolished, we will begin excavating the building’s foundation and a portion of the wharf to allow for the docking of our ferries at that location.  By the commencement of the 2018 summer season, we expect to have excavated the building’s foundation but not to have had sufficient time to complete the excavation of the wharf.  The excavation will then continue next fall and all of the remaining work in Phase 2 of the project to construct the new Slip 3 will be completed during the two following off-seasons (September 2018 through May 2019 and September 2019 through May 2020).

You can click on the links below to see the following documents relating to these phases of the project: