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Woods Hole Terminal Reconstruction Project

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To report concerns about construction or environmental issues concerning the Woods Hole Terminal Reconstruction Project. Please call 508-289-4419 to be connected with either Bill Cloutier or another Authority staff member, should you have a concern that needs immediate attention. As always, you can also email Bill at or call his office during work hours at 508-548-5011, ext. 429.

Week ending April 8, 2022

THIS WEEK, the crane barge left the terminal on Monday morning. Jay Cashman Inc.’s marine contract is complete. 

NEXT STEPS include going out to bid this spring for the enabling phase work on the landside portion of the project. This phase of construction will include site work and utility work required to allow demolition of the freight shed and to clear the area for the new terminal. Landside construction is expected to begin in September 2022.

The weekly construction updates will pause until work resumes at the site. 

Week ending April 1, 2022

THIS WEEK, marine contractor Jay Cashman Inc.’s crew performed some touch-up painting and demobilized their equipment. The marine contract with Cashman is substantially complete.

NEXT WEEK, Cashman’s crane barge is scheduled to leave the site early in the week, weather permitting.

Week ending March 25, 2022

THIS WEEK, marine contractor Jay Cashman Inc.’s crew completed the access platform to Monopile No. 24 and completed the touch-up panting. They started a removing their equipment and demobilizing the crane barge.

NEXT WEEK, Cashman’s crew will remove the remaining equipment from the worksite, and we expect the crane barge to leave the site, weather permitting.

Week ending March 18, 2022

THIS WEEK, marine contractor Jay Cashman Inc.’s crew and the divers poured the last of the concrete for the cofferdam at Monopile No. 24. The divers have demobilized and left the site. Cashman’s crew also repaired some of the high-density plastic tiles on Monopile No. 9 in Slip No. 3.

NEXT WEEK, Cashman’s crew will complete the access platform for Monopile No. 24. They will also start demobilizing the crane barge in Slip No. 1.

Week ending March 11, 2022

THIS WEEK, marine contractor Jay Cashman Inc.’s crew and the dive crew completed installing the rebar cage inside the cofferdam at Monopile No. 24. They also started filling the cofferdam with concrete.

NEXT WEEK, Cashman’s crew will continue filling the cofferdam with concrete.


Week ending March 4, 2022


THIS WEEK, the divers continued the underwater work inside the cofferdam, and marine contractor Jay Cashman Inc.’s crew continued to support them with the crane and materials. The divers completed grouting a plug in between the two 42-inch diameter piles.


NEXT WEEK, Cashman’s crew will continue to support the divers with their work on the monopile cofferdam. The tie rods will be connected to the wales and the rebar cages will be installed inside the cofferdam. The first of three concrete pours is expected to be completed next week. 


Terminal design update - January 2022

Below is the video of the January 19, 2022, community engagement session. 

January 19, 2022 Community Engagement Session Presentation  

Terminal design update - November 2021

Below is the video of the November 4, 2021, community engagement session.

November 4, 2021 Landside Community Update presentation 

Terminal design update - July 2021

Below is the video of the July 7, 2021, Community Engagement Session. 

Additional files:

Chat transcript

July 7, 2021 Landside Design Presentation

Terminal design update - March 2021

Project architects delivered the first of four planned community engagement sessions via Zoom on March 23, 2021, to concide with the completion of approximately 40% of the schematic design phase. Following sessions will be held at the following milestones: 90% schematic design (roughly June 2021); 40% design development; and 90% design development. The objectives of the sessions are: fostering an open dialogue with community stakeholders; answering questions related to the project design; discussing design criteria and objectives; and listening to public comment and input.

To view the presentation delivered at the community forum, click the link below:

Landside Design Community Forum (updated 3/23/2021)

To view a videorecording of the session, see below.

Chat transcript

At the January 2021 Board meeting and February 2021 Port Council meeting, project architect provided an update on the landside design process and timeline. Among the updates were the following: 

  • The exploration of eliminating one row of vehicle stating to use for bike parking at the rear of the terminal site.
  • Incorporating in-road lighting fixtures where possible. 
  • Examining active and passive criteria for handling coronavirus-like incidents via the building's air handling, fomites, social distancing, public restrooms, and overall adaptability. 
  • Pursuing LEED Certification and LEED Zero Energy Certification. 

As approved by the Authority Board, the terminal design concept calls for a one-story, flat-roof terminal building and a two-story utility building at the Woods Hole terminal site. 

To view the presentation to the Board and Port Council updating the progress of the landside design phase of the project, click the link below:

Woods Hole Landside Design Update

Phases 2 through 4 (Waterside Work) of the Terminal Reconstruction Project

At a special Board meeting on December 5, 2017, the SSA’s Board awarded the marine construction contract for the waterside work that will be completed in Phases 2 through 4 of the project to Jay Cashman, Inc., of Quincy, Massachusetts, for the Total Contract Price of $43,143,280.  

The overall project entails the phased demolition of all of the existing waterfront structures that include the current three ferry slips and supporting utilities to be replaced with three new ferry slips, two passenger loading piers, and comprehensive utility and stormwater management improvements. Following the waterside construction, landside improvements include site re-grading, a new ferry terminal building and equipment storage building, bus berths and overall reconstruction of site utilities and vehicle accommodations.

Because we want to minimize the potential impact of the project’s construction activities on our own operations and adjacent property owners and local businesses, most of the onsite work will be accomplished in phases during “off-seasons” that will run from early September through mid-May each year.  Only one slip will be reconstructed at a time to ensure that we will always have two slips available to maintain our regular ferry service.  During each summer season, we will also have the third slip available so that we can berth three vessels at the terminal.  All construction activity at the terminal site will effectively cease during each summer season except for limited activity that does not have a material impact on either our operations or the Woods Hole community.

You can click on the links below to see the following documents relating to these phases of the project:

  • A satellite photograph of the terminal prior to construction, and then a feasibility phase drawing of the site plan for the reconstructed terminal superimposed over the photograph.  Satellite Photograph & Site Plan

  • Drawings showing what demolition and construction work is going to be accomplished during each phase of the Waterside Work (Phases 2 through 4).  Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4

  • Drawings of the three reconstructed ferry slips, including a drawing showing their different elevations.  Ferry Slip Drawings

  • Renderings that show different perspectives of the three reconstructed ferry slips.  Ferry Slip Perspective Renderings

  • A July 2017 schematic design phase drawing of the site plan for the reconstructed terminal.  Schematic Design Phase Site Plan 

Terminal project cost and timeline update

At the February 18, 2020 joint meeting of the Board and Port Council, General Manager Robert B. Davis presented information updating the timeline and budget for all phases of the Woods Hole Terminal Reconstruction Project. The presentation may be viewed here: Report on Woods Hole Terminal Reconstruction Project Timeline.

Terminal design update - November 2019

At its November 19, 2019 meeting, the Authority Board voted to approve a concept design for the terminal building in Woods Hole that includes a one-story terminal building and a two-story utility building at the site. The decision to proceed in this manner was reached following extensive public comments on the three design concepts presented at a June 18, 2019 meeting, all of which were deemed to block too much of the view of the water from the Crane Street bridge. It is hoped that the one-story terminal building will open up more of the water views. Additionally, the two-story utility building, which will house the employee areas once located on the second story of the terminal, should be sufficiently out of the way so as to not block any views of the water.

Below are some additional materials that were presented at the meeting: 

Staff Summary and presentation - One-story terminal design concept

The Falmouth Conservation Commission has approved the Authority’s request for an amended order of conditions for our one-story terminal design concept and two-story utility building. The Authority's submission can be found here: Conservation Commission filing.

October 7, 2019 presentation to Falmouth Board of Selectmen

General manager Robert B. Davis made a presentation to the Falmouth Board of Selectmen regarding a one-story design concept for the Woods Hole Terminal Building that includes a flat-roofed building with solar panels over it, as well as over the bus canopies to the east, and a two-story freight building on the terminal property. The design is a concept only and has yet to be reviewed or approved by the Port Council or Board. View the presentation here: Oct. 7 terminal presentation to Falmouth selectmen

June 18, 2019 presentation

The Steamship Authority’s Board held a special meeting to review the public feedback received to date and to consider on a proposed framework for revised schematic design phase services by the Authority’s architect on the project,

Following the meeting, the Board declined to take action on the proposal at that time. 

Below are links to a staff summary on the proposed framework for the revised schematic design phase services as well as a report from the Woods Hole Group on the site. 

Staff Summary #GM-723: Request for Authorization to Develop a Revised Woods Hole Terminal Building Design

Woods Hole Group final report

March 19, 2019 presentation 

At its March 19, 2019 Board meeting, the Woods Hole, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Steamship Authority released three design options under considerating for its Woods Hole terminal building. 

View and download the presentation here: March 19, 2019 Woods Hole Terminal presentation on design alternatives

View and download the March 28, 2019 presentation at Falmouth High School Audiorium here: Woods Hole Terminal Building – Design Update.

View and download the Steamship Authority's responses to public comments received followign the October design presentations here: Responses to public comments.

October 9 & 10, 2018 Presentation to Public

The link below provide an update on the preliminary design of the new terminal building that will be located at the site. Architecture firm (formerly Bertaux + Iwerks) and SSA Managers presented this update to the public in Falmouth and in Vineyard Haven.

Public Presentation October 2018

September 14, 2018 Update on design of new terminal:

The links below provide an update on the preliminary design of the new terminal building that will be located at the site. Architecture firm (formerly Bertaux + Iwerks) made presentations in August 2018 to the Port Council and Authority Board on the latest version of the terminal design. 

Temporary Passenger Platform Canopy
Site Plan
Building Plans
Elevations 1
Elevations 2
Seasonal Shading at Plaza
Design Development
Circulation Plan - Entering
Circulation Plan - Exiting

Related documents

Chapter 91 license

Chapter 91 license - recommended final decision

Falmouth Conservation Commission Order of Conditions

ENF Certificate

Environmental Notification Form (WARNING: large file)

2014 Feasbility Study